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SandBox Logistics Poised for Growth on Increased Shale Basin Capacity

Based in Houston, Texas, SandBox Logistics serves the needs of clients across the hydraulic fracturing sector. Acquired by U.S. Silica Holdings in 2016, SandBox Logistics is part of an expanding strategic portfolio that promises to drive shareholder returns and revenue growth. 

U.S. Silica Holdings made a major impact in 2016 through a pair of public equity offerings that raised $650 million and enabled it to purchase both NBR Sands and SandBox. With sales of sand increasing steadily, major growth is predicted over the medium term. This looks particularly robust considering data that points to sand-per-well usage doubling and even tripling across America’s shale basins. 

As reported in the Motley Fool, U.S. Silica CEO Bryan Shinn has set in place a goal of doubling SandBox’s regional frac sand capacities over the next 12-18 months. Areas of planned low-cost oil and gas production expansion include existing and greenfield sites, as well as acquisitions. With capital investments continuin…